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(A) Product Overview: Type Conference Teleprompter Teleprompter specific computer model, the presentation computer integrated models to meet a variety of port broadcast, live and on demand conference teleprompter, widely used foreign dignitaries, leaders' speeches, live news, live interviews, other large conference hall and club situations, solve the current Teleprompter many defects, with advanced technology, stable performance, easy operation, novel and beautiful appearance prominent feature represents the Teleprompter leading domestic level, a conventional teleprompter the replacement products,
(B) Features :( a) Introduction
(1) System Support WIN XP / WIN7 system.
(2) System requirements word color, background color any combination of 256 male and female announcer can be selected for different background color and character color announcer for men and women choose their own convenience broadcast word, choose the font and size of the word, a variety of optional role, to distinguish male role actresses or more broadcasting role.
(3) a document input, editing, easy to operate, auto-complete layout, support txt, rtf, word and other formats of text.
(4) were used to monitor and high-resolution color display, high definition, clear handwriting. Inside and outside the network can table. With a document camera mode in conjunction with, the composition of combo type. Record applies to the television studio, live broadcasts need. Contributions bright and clear writing different roles to support custom font / font / color.
(5) The exclusive development mirroring LCD screen, so directed and announcer see press release are positive display;
(6) paragraph formatting, bullets, indenting, line spacing can be set. Date Time Ready to plug the studio is issued.
(7) The software supports the Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Dai, Uygur, Korean and other minority languages. But also supports some foreign languages English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, French, Arabic and other national languages. (According to customer requirements to increase the number of language)
(8) The system automatically records studio draft, when an exception occurs outage automatically find and open the studio when reenergizing draft, and to ensure the integrity of the studio is issued.
(9) relative rolling time, the current time with the screen display can be arbitrarily set the size, color, clear, easier to grasp the rhythm; emphasis statements can be color-coded.
(10) more detailed, the information bar, updated, studio speed convenient and practical.
(11) New Guidance line features more convenient user to read manuscript. Announcer can see the standard time, target time, the countdown time, manual counting time on the mirror screen;
(12) The real-time updates, uninterrupted broadcast the update process, do not blink, update speed.
(13) flexible control, keyboard, mouse, control handle can, captions speed range can be adjusted, easy to hop around freely flip; copies of the scripts of the traveling speed can be controlled through the handle broadcasters themselves can be a single, double control, conveniently and freely.
(14) The import multi-layer broadband dielectric beam splitter (dura) glass, thickness of only 3mm, light loss rate at 3%, 50% reflectivity.
(15) color LCD flat panel displays, high definition, standard 19. "

(16) software to solve the problem of dual Just make announcers and technical area operation more convenient and intuitive.
(17) forms, computer and camera can be combined in two ways, switching between to accommodate emergency news broadcast.

(18) wide viewing angle: 140 degrees horizontal and vertical 130 degrees, high-contrast video circuit design up to 150: 1.

(19) can be manually lifting brackets, remote control software and settings can be adjusted to the height of 130-210.

(20) existing speech teleprompter, can provide integrated Teleprompter portable, easy to carry.

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